Tricks and money in SIMS 4 for Android and iOS

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Tricks and money in SIMS 4 for Android and iOS


Video games have gained space in our lives during the last years. And not only in the younger ones, but also in those adults who enjoy spending hours and hours playing either in a console, on the computer or on the mobile.


One of the most popular video games are The Sims. This wonderful social simulation game has been available for a few months in a mobile version. The best thing about this is that now you can spend the time you want playing on your device, although, try not to get caught doing it at work or at school!

What does it Consist of?

Almost everyone knows the Sims, but if for some strange reason is the first time you hear about them, we tell you that this is a game where you can create a character completely to your likingIt is possible to choose the physical appearance of your Sim, and even choose your behavior, which can be athletic, logical, confident leader, charismatic or ambitious. Anyway it can be what you want.

what is the objective of the game? Imitate real life. Although it sounds funny, and even a little boring, the purpose is to interact with your characters and help them meet their needs. But do not be fooled by appearances, it’s not dull or boring at all. In fact it catches you and makes you keep an eye on your Sim’s life at every moment.

The mobile version of The Sims is available for Android and also for iPhone and iPad. This saga has many fans around the world and although it does not have specific objectives, that of imitating real life can be quite fun. After all you control everything that happens.

Best Tricks for Mobile SIMS

What would life be like if we did not have a couple of tricks up our sleeves for certain situations? Even in games we can apply certain strategies. There are some tricks that users can take into account when playing with The Sims on their mobile devices .

  • The first of all is somewhat unpleasant, to tell the truth. Do you want your Sim to vomit? Well, all you have to do is shake your phone. This will make your character dizzy, and provoke an unpleasant and epic moment.
  • If you are looking for more responsibility and you want your Sim to have children, the first thing you have to do is get marriedAfter your character has remarried, you can make the decision to have a baby, a very important step; Luckily it’s not about real life. In any case, you should only buy a bed for your character and voila, the newlyweds will enter into a state of wanting to be parents.
  • The “plot” tries to simulate real life, and there is nothing more real than being hungry. Yes, your Sim will want to eat , and also need to clean , among other things. You get the free food when you reach level 7. From then on you can unlock the cooking hobby. Obviously, you’ll have to buy a fast kitchen and that’s it. As you gain experience you can feed other Sims, and prepare more nutritious meals. However, the best of all the tricks is to get simoleons quickly. Who does not like fast money? The coins, as you can see are called simoleons and with them you can buy items and improvements for your Sims.
  • What you must do is enter and click on the shopping cart, While this option is loaded, you have to touch the start button of the mobile to exit the game. The next step will be to change the date of your phone by the year 2000. When entering the application again you must go to the red cart, there you will see the following message: “time expired”. But do not worry, you’ll just have to go back out and set the correct date. This trick has worked for many users. 
  • However, if you are one of those who prefer to play without cheating , to say the least, you do not have to worry either, because you can also get free money and food in the application.

Complete the missions and gain experience

One of the most important aspects of this game is the experience. As your Sim increases in level you will be able to earn points, which will be necessary for certain aspects of the game.

Doing missions is essential to get that precious experience. Each mission will give you a list of objectives to fulfill. Your Sim can earn a lot as you complete them. There are two kinds:

  1. The white, representing daily quests.
  2. The gilthead, which represent global missions.

Where are the missions? You must check the bubble that is on the left side, there are a series of missions that you can fulfill and in this way earn easy money.


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