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Saradha Group presents a unique culture and work environment which makes it one of the most enjoyable and challenging places to work in. If you would like to work with us do fill up the following application form and upload your resume. We will contact you as soon as we have a suitable opening.
Why The Bengal Post 
The Bengal Post has an environment which is-
•    Driven by Performance
•    Strong Value base
•    Empowered
•    Inclusive
•    Diversified Talent base
•    Fun-filled
Creativity and autonomy:
An individual’s creativity is the basis for value creation. The Bengal Post respects diversity and autonomy, allowing each of its employees to exercise their creativity to the fullest.
Emphasis on competence:
Competence is the basis for performance. The Bengal Post sees competence as the most important factor in its personnel decisions.
Equal opportunities:
Equal opportunities build trust among people. The Bengal Post ensures equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, religion, or nationality.
The Bengal Post offers diverse training programs to its employees according to position to encourage learning and development. We do this by equipping them with the professional capabilities and enabling them to apply the latest technologies at work.
The Bengal Post offers its employees a competitive, unique rewards system which motivates employees to perform better by helping them to enhance their quality of life.
Existing Job Openings
Editorial Requirements
Technical Requirements