What is the Best News App for Mobile? Discover it here

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What is the Best News App for Mobile? Discover it here

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It does not matter if you are from Android or iOS, because Flipboard is the best application to organize the news on your phone or tablet. In fact, we already recommend it in your day when we talk about app for Tablet or iPhone.

news app

How does Flipboard work

The good thing about the advances to date is that now it is the user (or user) who chooses what they want to see and when. For example, before there were two television channels and that’s it. Today, with Smart TV, we can choose what we want at any time: a documentary? A series? A movie? Well the same happens with the news applications for Android and iOS.

And Flipboard helps us do that. You say what your interests and passions are, what you want to read, or what interests you and the application puts it on a platter and warns you if you want. Choose only the topics you want: photography, design, food, fashion, economy, local politics. And forget about the rest.

In addition, in its latest update the design has been improved now it’s all much faster and visually accessible and new magazines and thematic magazines have been added.

You can download and install the press and newspapers application from the link provided below the logo. One of its weak points is that it has publicity, something that almost nobody likes. If it bothers you, to remove Flipboard from your mobile you just have to eliminate it like any other app, without further complications.

Can I download Flipboard for PC?

The answer is yes, the most popular newspaper application of the moment you can have it in your Windows or macOS operating system. Our recommendation is that you download them from official websites (of course, we leave the link here). In the case of Mac , it is not possible, so you must resort to a program type Bluestacks.

Google News

Google and the weather met back in 2014, when the Google News and Weather application appeared. With this, the giant competes with all weather applications that had been on the market for years (see Accu weather, for example).

With the information that Google has in your hands, we can guarantee that it is one of the most complete.

  • As far as information is concerned, the application collects the most relevant information in the world according to our interests and / or concerns it is divided into categories. It is very easy to navigate between headlines, because you only have to slide your finger and move on to the next one. It has publications of large and small newspapers and magazines around the world.
  • In reference to the meteo , Google offers us a very accurate information of the temperatures, rains, winds and all kinds of forecasts.

Thanks to your location, you will know what information to give you at all times.

EFE Digital

EFE digital took out some time ago its application for Android phones and Apple devices. In case you do not know, the agencies (EFE being one of the most important) are the ones that then sell the information to the media that we usually read.

With which, why not go directly to the original source?

The digital EFE agency offers:

  • News  Spain or worldwide.
  • Not just texts and articles, but a lot of multimedia content, such as videos or photos.
  • Possibility of managing everything to our liking.
  • Change text sizes for easy reading.
  • Notifications of what interests you 24 hours a day.

If you want to know everything instantly on your phone, you can not miss it.


If you are looking for alternatives to Flipboard, Feedly is what comes closest, without a doubt. Feedly allows you to keep up to date with your favorite topics, and to be always informed of what is happening in Spain and around the world. The app allows you to include information from online newspapers, current blogs and even YouTube channels that are of interest to you.

To use Feedly you can do it with the accounts of your social networks (Facebook or Google, for example) or through a normal and independent registry through the same application. It’s completely free.

Once inside, you can add the news feeds that you most want to receive, whether you are a fan of cryptocurrencies, current events in general, fashion or any topic, however specific. To add new content, go to the top right and click on the magnifying glass icon. There you will have to write whatever is of your interest, or even the exact URL of what you are looking for.


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