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The Bengal Post, which began publishing on June 29, 2010, is a brand new mainline daily being published from Kolkata and Siliguri, the first major newspaper venture being undertaken in West Bengal after a gap of nearly 30 years.
We believe that, with time, the newspaper will make a major mark on the West Bengal, and subsequently the national, media scene because of its focus on providing bare information to the reader shorn of any political colour. Some of our contemporaries do this already but we would like to believe that we will excel in this task because we are beginning with a clean slate, in a manner of speaking.  The reader will of course judge whether we will have done the job creditably; we can only promise that we will be earnest in our endeavour to do so.
Apart from bare news, we will also strive to provide the reader with thoughtful views on a variety of subjects on our editorial and opposite-editorial pages, some of which will be penned by well-known national and international names. Our sports and business coverage will also strive to be on the cutting edge, the daily and weekly supplements like Postscript and The Sunday Post providing the icing on the cake.
The Bengal Post is brought out by the Saradha Printing and Publications Pvt. Ltd, which is a part of the rapidly-expanding Saradha Group of companies which has a presence in various spheres of business activity in India. The newspaper’s offices are located at “The Knowledge Hub”, DN-23 Salt Lake City, Sector – V, Kolkata 700091.
The flag-bearer of the Group is Saradha Realty India Ltd, established in 2008, which has its registered offices at 455, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700034. The Group’s Corporate office is at Midland Park Building, AN Block Sector – V, Salt Lake Bypass Road, 4th and 5th floors, Block – C, Kolkata- 700102.